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Sex & Bugs & Rock ‘n Roll

Celebrating our 10th Anniversary this year, we’re a team of enthusiastic researchers who enjoy sharing our passion for the natural world. Our stall is a fun drop-in environment where everyone can explore scientific topics in a relaxed and entertaining manner with ecology-themed games for all ages. Science is all about curiosity, so we do our best to recreate that spirit by turning interesting research into entertaining activities.

Lancaster University, University of Exeter, Met Office

Me, Human

Me, Human explores how we became the upright walking, talking, tool-using great apes that we are today. Discover how our two brain hemispheres affect our movements and decisions with hands-on experiments. Find out about our similarities and differences with other animals and learn about our relationship with the natural world and our place in the global ecosystem.

University of Sussex

The Plant Power Station

The Plant Power Station brings the science of sustainable agriculture to life, entertaining and engaging festival-goers of all ages. In our beautiful marquee our welcoming scientists will lead visitors through a series of games and activities tackling important issues like pollination, pest management, carbon footprints, organic farming, GM crops and food sourcing. We’re also always on hand to answer questions.

University of Exeter

Modern life doesn’t grow on trees

Modern life doesn’t grow on trees offers opportunities to discover the science of critical minerals and recycling with interactive displays and objects. The stall is accompanied by a large-scale tree installation with all the electrical trappings of modern life emerging from its branches, grown from mineral specimens embedded in its roots and trunk.

British Geological Survey

The Circus of Climate Horrors

Explore the effects of a changing atmosphere through carnival sideshow games offering increasing difficulty as the world warms. Meet and experiment with the greenhouse gases warming our world, but which are normally invisible. Build a boat to float on the Sea of CO2; see for yourself how much gas is produced by everyday activities like driving, barbecuing, or boiling the kettle.

National University of Ireland, Maynooth

The Gut Florists

A florist-themed stall on the bacteria that reside in the gut and their importance for human physiology and disease. Get temporary tattoos of important gut bacteria imagined as Glastonbury headliners, try your hand at pom-pom crafting to create giant bacteria, and look inside our view boxes to get a magnified view of the gut and its bacteria.

NDORMS, University of Oxford

Get with the H2ype

Get with the H2ype is a debunking exercise in the A to Z of hydrogen. Find out about the benefits hydrogen can bring to everyday life wrapped up in a fun, positive and interactive package. Featuring demos of a portable fuel cell generator, hydrogen powered RC cars and a miniaturised hydrogen economy as well as the colours of hydrogen game give visitors the chance to get hands-on and find out all about hydrogen.

University of Birmingham

University of Exeter