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Science holds the solutions to the challenges we face, today and in the future. In 2022, we launched Science Futures, a new area in the Green Futures field at the greatest festival in the world, where you can explore how science shapes our daily lives in ways you might never have imagined.

Forge your own journey of discovery into the world of science: meet the scientists working to combat climate change, uncover the hidden worlds of insects, or discover the sustainable materials of the future. Science plays a role in everyone’s future, and Science Futures has something for everyone.

Experience the other sides of science on stage at The Laboratory, where you’ll find innovative and entertaining demonstrations, science-based performance art, and impromptu open-mic sessions with scientist performers. Relax on a bench under the Sound Canopy and listen to some of the many fascinating sounds of science, which will take you on a journey from deep underground to a galaxy far, far away. Discover the Art in Science with our outdoor exhibition Science, Not Fiction.

In a time dominated by concern for the future of our planet on one side, and scaremongering and misinformation on the other, it’s easy to feel powerless. Science Futures provides counterbalance to political spin and fake news. Come and discover the science behind the headlines, and meet the researchers working for a brighter future for all life on Earth.

All of our futures are Science Futures.

Welcome to the future.

University of Exeter